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About Sunny Shades

Sunny Shades is a leader in the United States sunglass market. We operate retail carts in shopping centers across the country. We also have a growing wholesale business.

Established in January 2004, Sunny Shades has grown to include 104 locations, serving customers in all regions of the United States.

The focus of our retail business is to standardize the marketing and operations at all locations. This ensures greater efficiency and higher productivity from each cart.

In order to achieve standardization, we produce our own displays and have created a merchandising template. Through experience, we have built a business structure that allows us to maintain complete control of our products. It also allows us to make swift and critical decisions that increase profitability.

We believe that the combination of our business model and the quality of our proven product line, supported by our experience and professionalism, is a winning formula for revolutionizing the sunglass business.

As a result of our continued success, we are looking to expand our operating locations.